27/3-2018, GDPR....are you ready 

Short describtion of our work to comply to new GDPR that
comes into force 25th of May 2018.

Follow below link for info, opens a pdf. doc. in new window.

2/1-2018 New Year....New products 

All of us at Björnax AB want to wish a Happy New Year and a continuing great 2018.
We start the new year with a new product, a magnetic attachment and holder for
our popular Smoke-Pen, this make it possible to get the important extra extension
when performing Smoke alarm tests or air flow studies.
This Smoke-Pen holder fits off course our telescopic holder. 

Follow below link for info.

12/12-2017 Closed for Christmas and
New Year 

We close the company for Cristmas and New Year Holliday from the 22nd of December
12:00, and opens again 8th of January 2018.
We would like to thank all our worlwide customers for the past year, we are looking
forward to a new and exciting 2018.

8/9-2017 BJÖRNAX AB, first in the world.

We are happy to announce that BJÖRNAX AB is the first company in
the world to get CE approval on smoke products for technical test purposes.
All work is finished and all products have passed, summary certificat for download
as pdf. file at bottom of this doc.   

We also want to thank all of our understanding customers for your support during
this period. 

Since May this year have a massive work been carried out within our
company, this to lay out the new foundation of CE approved products
for the EU market.
This CE approval does not change anything on the export to customers
outside the EU area.  

After 4th of July this summer are all pyrotechnical products that have an
Self-sustaining exothermal reaction illegal to sell within the EU area if
they do not have an CE approval. They must have passed all tests at 
a NOBO.( Notified Body by the EU commission).

Changes & Upgrades since May this year.   

  • All of our products will get a uniform layout on the labels, this makes it
    easier to recognize our products from country to country, the change is
    already implemented.
  • We have started an construction of a new automatic packaging line with
    six axis robot and vision technology to meet up with the increased sales
    and our higher demand of quality.
  • A new series of smoke products will raise during second half of 2017, this
    to cover even further markets, they will off course also be CE approved.
  • New MSDS for all of our products are ordered and will be available
    within 2-3 weeks.
  • A completely new QMS system according to ISO 9001:2015 is implemented
    and fully running.

Certificat for download. 

Summer Closing

Dear Customer

This year will our company have closed for summer holiday week 28, 29 and 30, and from week
27-30 will our production be closed for maintenance and upgrade due to the fact that we need to wait for CE approvals.

For EU customers:
The only products that we will sell and deliver from 4th of July  and until we get answer regarding the CE approvals will be FP-Smoke and Smoke-Pen, the approved body have given us an estimated delivery time up to week 31. The audit here will take place the 17th of July.

For EXPORT customers:
For customers outside EU will all function as normal, the CE approvals does only concern
the EU area.  

We would like to wish all of our customers a really nice summer.

With kind regards

Torbjörn Fredrikzon
Björnax AB

13/3-2017 New product released.  

Telescopic extender in stainless steel with a powerful
neodymium magnet mounted at the top, pack also include
a special steel cup for our smaller products 1-13 gram in size.
The steel cup may be mounted on the side or at the
bottom, this depending on how the test object is located.

Length folded: 200mm
Length extended: 660mm
Weight incl. cup: 75 gr

This product will help you reach those extra cm that often is 
missing when performing a test.

30/1-2017 New product series released.  

Björnax AB have now released 2 sizes of un-encapsulated Smoke Pellets,
this new series is an market adjustment for mainly the UK market where
customers are used to these kind of products.

At the same time that we developed this new product series we made sure
that our new product is of higher quality then existing brands on the market,
such as more smoke, higher visibility of generated smoke, environmentally
safer, higher humidity resistance and more.

These products is off course also BS 5440 part 1 compatible, and this measured
with ISO standard.   

12/12-2016 Closed for Christmas and
New Year 

We close the company for Cristmas and New Year Holliday from the 23rd of December
12:00, and opens again 9th of January 2017.
We would like to thank all our worlwide customers for the past year, we are looking
forward to a new and exciting 2017.

20/10-2016 Björnax holds third seminar in Al-Khobar.

The Third seminar was today performed in Al-Khobar, a record in visitors was joining, we
thank Al-Sayed Center AC & Refrigeration Materials for arranging the roundtrip and all
meetings with their customers, we would also like to thank all visitors that they took the
time to know more about BJÖRNAX AB.


17/10-2016 Björnax holds second seminar in Jeddah.

The second seminar was today performed in Jeddah, a lot of participants was joining, and
Al-Sayed Center AC & Refrigeration Materials have again made a great job with the setup,
both for us exhibitors and the participants.



16/10-2106 Björnax AB holds seminars
in Saudi Arabia

On the 16th of October Björnax AB performed its first seminar in Saudi Arabia,
the seminar was held in the capital city Riyadh. 

Our Local business partner Al-Sayed Center & Refrigeration Materials have made
all arrangements for a roundtrip in the Kingdom were we will hold 3 seminars and
on top of that also 3 days of customer visits and usage training.  

In the image, from the left:
Mr. Torbjörn Fredrikzon, CEO.
Mr. Per Fredrikzon, Production Manager.


Our company have closed for summer
holiday from July 18th to 1st of August.

Have a nice summer !

25-27/5-2016 Visit by Alsayed Group, Saudi Arabia.

We were pleased to receive a visit by Alsayed Group, and department Alsayed Center AC & Refrigeration Materials

Abdullah Alsayed Company was established 1979, today they cover the most of the Kingdom cities. the company has
the first classification in the Kingdom in the field of construction and mechanical works.
Al Sayed Group has over 6000 employees all over Saudi Arabia and is one of the leading players within the kingdom. 

During the visit Björnax AB presented the manufacturing process and the complete product assortment, Björnax AB have
made business with customers within Saudi Arabia for several years but it has more or less been dominated by only one
product out of over 30, this partnership will strengthen our market position, and also make it easier for our customers
within KSA to get products out of our compleate assortment.

Alsayed Group will market and stock products from our complete assortment that fits the market, and they will be our
main exclusive distributor within KSA, this with right to establish reseller agreements and sub-distributors. 

In image 1 from the left:

Mr. Salman Abdullah Al Sayed, CFO, Alsayed Group
Mr. Mahmoud Mohamed Mohamed Abdou, Chief Audit Executive, Alsayed Group
Mr. Torbjörn Fredrikzon, CEO, Björnax AB
Mr. Per Fredrikzon, Factory Manager, Björnax AB.
Mr. Mohammed Rafiuddin, Procurement Manager, Alsayed Group

We thank representatives from Al Sayed Group for a nice and prosperous visit and welcome them as our major
distributor within Saudi Arabia.


10/5-2016 BJÖRNAX AB support Swedish
Police forces K9 training.

Search Dogs for rescue and search of illegal substances is an important 
work, we support this assosiation and value their work highly.

25/4-2016 BJÖRNAX AB donates 30 pcs
FP-Smoke Bottles to Search Dogs Sussex.

Search Dogs Sussex is a voluntary organisation founded in 2003.
They are a group of ordinary people, with everyday jobs, but combine
there love of the outdoors and working with dogs, with a desire to
help others that are vulnerable.

The team currently has 22 human and 15 dog volunteers. 4 of the dogs are
operational search dogs, the others are in training.
Visit them at www.searchdogssussex.com

Your donation can save or change someone's life, make
a donation to the organisation you believe in.

22/4-2016. Change in production for consistency.

Since 14th of February this year have we run a couple of changes in our production line
for the Smoke Matches, our goal was to get a more consistent burning time
and overall a slightly larger lighting tip.
We can now see that this have been a success, our Smoke Matches just
varies a few seconds and are even easier to light up.
These changes together with change of Splint size have created a very nice
product that will fit any air flow or smoke detector tests.

19/4-2016. New aspen splints for Smoke Matches.

We have changed the aspen splints for our Smoke Matches, the new splints are thicker 
and have the measurements 2,2x2,2 mm and have a higher quality.
The change is because some customers experienced that some of the matches would
break during ignition, these new splints are much more durable and can stand higher

These splints does also come from Swedish Match that have a very good environmental
work. For its production of matches, Swedish Match uses aspen, pine, and poplar, and
sourcing takes place near production, primarily from sources in Sweden and Brazil. All
sourcing must be from timber that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements of
government regulations.

Swedish Match runs two reforestation projects in Brazil in order to supply its match
and match box production with wood in a self-sufficient manner.



15/2-2016. Visit by Arctic-Hayes Ltd.

We were pleased to receive a visit by Purchasing Manager Mr. Ben Rawson
from Arctic-Hayes Ltd in the UK.
Hayes UK Ltd have since 1995 been our distributor in the UK, and In August 2014
Hayes UK merged with Arctic Products, this merger showcases Arctic Hayes
as the leading player in the market for heating and plumbing consumables
in the UK.
Björnax AB are this year “gearing” up with new product lines witch was one
of many topics during the visit.
We thank Mr. Ben Rawson and Arctic-Hayes Ltd for a nice meeting. 

In the image:
Mr. Ben Rawson, Purchasing Manager at Arctic-Hayes Ltd to the left.
Mr. Torbjörn Fredrikzon, MD at Björnax AB in the middle.
Mr. Per Fredrikzon, Sales & Market at Björnax AB.   

Visit of Arctic Hayes Ltd

Now we launch our new website

We hope that you will enjoy the look of our new website, the overall new layout
is made so you easier shall find what you are searching for, further on will there
be new products added during 2016.

If you take a look at the entry INFO/BROCHURES in the top menu so will you
find information that is easy for you to download in pdf format.
Some information is avaliable in all languages and some in just English.

Already existing and registered customers shall contact us for help how to log in
again, this new system was not 100% compatible with the old so all customers
are in the system but customer details has not been transferred automatically, so we
need your assistance again.

We are sorry for this trouble and the extra work that it will cause you.  

Finally we all on Björnax AB would like to wish you a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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